Why do atheist always side with the democrat party?



GOP protects religious freedom and is against murdering of unborn babies.


Because whilst campaigning, the Repulican Party tends to lean heavily on religion as a source of their beliefs. And thats not something that interests atheists.

Bill B

Always? They don't.


They don't always.


They don't always. There are several conservative atheists on here.

Big One 0909

They do not Always. I know a few conservative Atheists. Uncle Pennybags on here is one.


atheists, not atheist. There's more than one of us so you need to use the plural form. It's not that difficult to do. (Hint: just add the letter "s"). Good luck, Mr. Illiterate. The Democratic Party cares about everyone including the poor and downtrodden, not just about the wealthy. Does that remind you of someone in the Bible by any chance?


Your question is only valid if you can substantiate your claim that atheists vote for the Democrat Party. I assume you are in the USA and refer to the US Democrat Party. However, not all Y!A members live in the USA. I live in the UK, I am an atheist and I vote Labour, a UK political party similar in politics to the US Democrat Party. I do not vote for Labour because I am an atheist but because of their policies. Not all Labour voters are atheists. Many of them are adherents of various religions.

the internet

Probably because the democrats seem a bit more on the sane side.


Because a lot are homosexual I believe

Doc Awesome

? What about Rand-type Objectivists?


Atheists tend to be well-educated, and well-educated, non-religious people are more likely to be liberal than not.

Christian sinner

I think they tend to. The larger the group, the more likely there will be disagreement about something. But in my observance of atheists and Democrats, they tend to be rooted in how they think and attack in very similar ways. I think this is one way to observe spirituality amongst the "world" as opposed to Christ. I'm speaking in general terms.

Handsome Devil

I have never been registered with the Democrat party in my 46 years of voting. I've been Republican, Independent, and for a very short time Libertarian.


democrat party is cult of dumb *** & like to turn people into their voter stock


We don't always side with the democrat party, maybe the religious right wing take over of the Republicans party beside the Russian influence make you think that will be possible but atheist are the people that honestly do not believe in the invisible entities some people call gods ... nothing else, nothing about politics...


Do they, where is the data?


No democrat party where I live. But thankfully no republican party either.

Frank B

Nope. Perhaps the problem here is that one is expected to 'side' with only two belief systems. To me it's much easier and better to research the data and come up with my own view.


Not every atheist is an American so not every atheist sides with an American political party.


They don't. But for obvious reasons, American atheists tend to side against the Republican Party's attempts to tear down the wall of separation between church and state.


they might think anything goes BUT THAT IS NOT TRUE WITH GOD and they will find out.


Do I? Nice to know.


They don't. This is just aimed at the United States?


There are roughly 5 % homos (exclusive or strong preference), whatever the religion (even no religion), political preference, age, gender, citizenship, skin color, wealth... However, depending on your Church or favorite party, you might be more or less reluctant to admit it.


Don't know Why do Fascist Bigoted Theists always side with The Nazis in The Republican Party?

Dogstar Ascendant

Both being an atheist and being a Democrat are symptoms of a rational mind capable of thinking for itself.


Actually at least on here they are siding AGAINST GOP