Why do you think violence, divorce and abortion have declined in the USA at the same time religion has also declined?

https://www.google.com/amp/www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2019/01/03/5-facts-about-crime-in-the-u-s/%3famp=1 https://www.google.com/amp/s/bigthink.com/the-us-is-losing-its-religion-and-faster-than-you-may-think-2604509762.amp.html BQ: Why do Christians lie about the world getting worse when the facts prove otherwise?


Coincidence. There are WAY too many external factors to conclude they are connected.


All those things decline with the rise of education




There's a big difference between 'doctrines of men'...often called religion, and the New Testament. I think of the false beliefs often started by the RC church which is unscriptural almost completely, and the NT. For example: so called pro-life...which sure ISN'T for the woman. Note...never the WEALTHY, who are not affected by this, just middle class and the poor. Interesting how Texas, which was bible belt?(is that right?) is being threatened by LGBTQ to ban Christianity!! Well, weren't they big pro-life? Pushy? The entire bible says absolutely nothing about either position ; RESPECTS people, and women are ppl. But no, if you follow satanic ritualism, pedophilia, the hateful child sex trafficking trade, then it's definitely NOT better at all. I guess it depends what you look at. Few even KNOW what Christianity IS, but it is well explained in the NT. So, as FALSE religion has declined? Surely it could not stand?, then some things might improve. But TRUE RELIGION saves individuals, and THAT'S what Christianity is SUPPOSED to be about. It's getting rid of sins that destroy us, leading us to have GODLY LOVE, which does not come easy. I suggest it is actually nonbelievers within the flock, as Jesus said, 'Wolves' wrecking Christianity. But on the individual level? Can't be done. So, fundamentalism turns out not to be biblical, and doesn't work. Bea, you have nothing the way you're turning. It may not show up yet, but that 'garden path'? Always hoping the best for you, love in Christ.


I doubt there is a relationship. Violence has been mostly declining steadily for centuries. The drop in abortion is probably due to fewer accidental pregnancies as people are more careful and have access to a wide range of birth control products. I don't know much about divorce rates but it could be because people are often waiting longer or living together first. I suppose that last trend could be related to a decline in religion.


I don't think they're directly correlated. Abortion has declined because of the availability of birth control. Divorce has declined because people are a bit smarter about getting married in the first place nowadays and not just rushing into it (this *might* be slightly related to religious decline) Violence has declined because we are moving towards a culture where we learn to control our emotions, especially hostile ones. BA: Because it's easier to sell religion when you tell everyone that the world is going to hell.

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Statistics can say just about anything you want them to.. There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics...attr. to Mark Twain "Give me enough money and I can prove anything"....a university researcher Your religion is determined by how close you are to God, not by what is happening in the world.

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I think we can all be thankful for the decline of violence, divorce and abortion and Christians are very thankful that man-made religions are also on the decline as no man-made religion can save anyone from their sins as the main difference between Jesus and man-made religions is found in the very nature of Christianity. The essence of Christianity is Christ, the One crucified, resurrected, ascended into heaven, and returning someday. Without Him—and without His resurrection—there is no Christianity. Compare that with other major religions. Hinduism, for example, can stand or fall entirely apart from any of the “great Swamis” who founded it. Buddhism is the same story. Even Islam is based upon the sayings and teachings of Mohammed, not upon the claim that he came back to life from the dead. So, BeaHave and have a nice day my friend.

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Where's the data on that? Unlike some people, I don't believe everything I read.


Can't comment on violence, though I do think the increased chance in getting caught acts as a deterrent. Divorce and abortion i do believe has a link to the decline in religion but not as big as you think The increase in availability of birth control and lack of taboo around it in modern culture I would say is the main cause of that. Add in the religious hysteria and protests that may generally put people off getting abortions which I think is shocking Divorce is 2 fold for me. The decreasing pressure in getting married is a factor. I know from a church environment, once you go public as a couple, the pressure to get married is intense. The lack of people going decreases this pressure. I also think Marriage is not essential to life anymore. Couples can live for years and not get married yet still enjoy the benefits. This lessens the chance of a mistake All 3 have minor links to the decline in religion but not massive.

Anthony: At 2 Timothy 3:1-5, the Bible says

At 2 Timothy 3:1-5, the Bible says: “In the last days critical times hard to deal with will be here.” The apostle Paul described how many people would behave during the last days. He said people would be selfish love money disobey their parents not be loyal lack affection for their family have no self-control be violent and aggressive love pleasures more than God pretend to love God but refuse to obey him


people are becoming more immoral, having less kids, and probably marrying less .. i would guess its just signs of an apathetic declining society thats getting weaker .. i wouldnt presume to correlate it with religion .. immorality leading to accepting stupidity and inability to have a sound vision because of becoming more stupid .. maybe ..


Because most people are Christians, it ain’t rocket science

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They will continue to decline together. As religion declines, the need for that other stuff dries up. Christians are the biggest users of both divorce, and abortion. Without christian money, abortion clinics would be few and far between. And nobody divorces more than christians, they take the prize in both categories.