Why does morocco have the star of david on its flag?



It has a five pointed star - supposedly the five pillars of Islam.


It doesn't. Morocco has a regular 5 pointed star on its flag. According to Wikipedia, the star is a pentagram, representing the seal of Solomon. I'm not sure what that is. Wikipedia also mentions that the 5 branches of the star represent the 5 pillars of Islam. So there you have it. The star has to do with Islam, not with Judaism.


A Star of David has 6 points. Does the star on the Moroccan flag have 6 points...?


that is not the star of david it is a pentagram the star of david has 6 points not 5


The pentagram is a shape. Whilst it is often called the seal of Solomon. The 5 branches of the pentagram on the flag represent the pillars of Islam!!

Tuck, Coop, TC,

It doesn't


It doesn't. Please be sure you know what the Star of David actually looks like before tossing these silly uneducated remarks around.

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The star of Davis is 6 sided. Monaco's 'a is a 5 sided pentagram


They follow the either the false ideology of an incorrect ling David like a secret combination or they believe Israel is symbolized by this icon


because they are occultist and satanist. The "star of david" or the national Jewish symbol is the highest symbol in satanism it is a hex.