Apart from the Queen, who do you think is the most popular member of the royal family?



The Princess Royal despite her reputation for not suffering fools gladly, she has a talent for talking to people one to one that doesn't come across in the media. Prince George is popular with the media.

Clo G.-B.

George, Charlotte, Catherine and William are contenders. These royals get the most press attention. Anne, the Princess Royal, is one of the hardest-working royals, but she is not popular.


Among people with titles, probably the children -- Prince George and Princess Charlotte. Among those without, in the extended family, perhaps Zara Phillips Tindall, though it's hard to say. People admire Princess Anne for her work ethic, but because of her rather prickly personality, she's not really or widely personally "popular"


Harry although he no longer has the extra special quality of being available.


Harry , even more so if the wife humiliates him in any way .


Dracula or Henry The 8th


Prince William.

Baron Clownish

People seem to think King Alfred is great.




Elizabeth I, as I heard in her later years she had a habit of wearing dresses that showed most of her boobs


As this isn't a popularity contest, none. If you mean the second most hard-working, apparently, The Princess Royal - Anne.

Sir Prince Kenny

I can only think of her grandchildren. Her children are pompous, arrogant, rude, ill mannered, indulgent and overbearing.


Her Royal Highness the Lady Helen Taylor, followed closely by His Royal Highness the Earl of Ulster


The Honourable Lady Ogilvy.


This is easy, it is Princess Anne by a long way, she is a legend. sixty eight years old, still by far the busiest of all the Royals and she still looks gorgeous,great legs, perfect shapely figure and such a pretty face, Whats not to love ? i even love her hair its her own signature style she is GORGEOUS.

Jimmy C

Harry. It is a pity he cannot be King. (Marrying an american actress was not a good move though).