Do you think the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s new baby will be more photographed by the press than other royal babies?



I don't think a great deal about the Royal family. They were there before I was born and will still be here when I die. I have more pressing things to deal with in my life other than thinking about the potential number of photographs that will be taken of a baby that hasn't even been born yet.


No, its only another minor royal, we have loads of them and none of them are very photogenic.

Chicken George in tweed

Le Shawn will look brilliant I'm sure.


No. Prince George is always going to be more significant.

Clo G.-B.

No. They will be well-photographed, but the future monarch, George, will have more press attention.


I would hope that this baby would be included with other royal children in their activities and family photographs without having undue attention called to its mixed-race parentage, but sadly that's not going to happen. There will always be speculation about which racial characteristics are prevalant as it grows up.


Only if the baby is weird looking, which it could well be.


Hopefully the child will live in peace.