Did Lady Diana know, before & during her engagement to Prince Charles, that he was involved with Camilla, the wife of Andrew Parker Bowles?

If so, why did Diana proceed with marrying him if she knew he was involved with a married woman?


She certainly knew that the relationship had existed. It was common knowledge in upper-class circles. Even I, an American university student across the pond, had heard that Prince Charles was involved with a married woman, though I didn't know her name. I was acquainted with some British graduate students who mentioned this at the time of the engagement. People in general knew, so Diana certainly did. Whether she initially thought the liaison had ended by the time Charles was dating her, I don't know, but it's been widely reported that during the engagement, she encountered evidence that it had not. She herself said she had realized how important Camilla was to Charles by the wedding, which is one of the reasons she noticed her among the guests while she was walking down the aisle. Both Diana and Charles had major second thoughts about marriage to one another. It's unfortunate that they didn't act on them.


Being a very young and naive girl, she probably thought that once engaged and then married, Charles would stay faithful - to her. Tragically, for her, he stayed faithful - to Camilla. Add - when Charles became engaged to Diana, Camilla stood back, apparently still being around, but more as a friend (especially to Diana). When Charles became unable to handle Diana (along with the rest of the Royal Family apparently - they washed their hands of her eventually), he turned to the only person he could, for help - Camilla. Once the marriage had well and truly broken down, that relationship only went the way it was bound to go - especially as by that time, Camilla's own marriage had ended.


She was dim, but not that dim.


It was hardly a secret.


we all knew there was 3 on the Honeymoon


I suppose Diana did know of the closeness of Charles and Camilla but to actually know how it would be once married to a man who confides in another at times would be completely new and unimaginable. I think that for Charles it would have been more difficult than he had envisaged too. To completely trust and invest in Diana who was so much younger and insecure could have been challenging. I actually think that they both had good intentions for their marriage - then reality proved it not sustainable in the long term. Like most marriages they would have had some very happy and rewarding times. And they would have had some jolly fun times with their lovers too.


Yes - Diana knew all about it. So did everyone else in their social set. Camilla and Charles had been an established couple when they dated in their mid-20's while they were both single.. Diana went ahead and married Prince Charles because she wanted to be Princess of Wales with all its trappings more than she had ever wanted anything in her life, and she had wanted it for years. Diana set her cap to get Prince Charles, and she got him!

Been There, Done That.

What woman wouldn't find a life of luxury, limos, free vacations all over the world, millions of fans, fame, diamonds, the best food, and servants attractive? And she had her share of "flings" also.


Diana was the reincarnated Elizabeth Woodville, whose sons were murdered 500 years ago by Richard III. Diana lived again so that she could bring the Two Princes back to life. She sacrificed herself to save them from Camilla who's the reincarnated Richard III, a fiendish soul whom the Lords of Karma really ought to bar from reincarnating in this plane of existence.

Marie And Alan

Like many others she thought he would once they were married

Clo G.-B.

Diana knew about Camilla and the former relationship she had with Charles after discovering a present that Charles was sending to her. But, the affair ended by then. Diana was not a secure person and very suspicious, though, constantly accusing Charles of adultery, until the marriage was so bad that he did return to his former mistress.


as if Charles would have told her.


I'm not sure she was given much of a choice in the matter. In her circle when the future King wants to marry you you don't ask a lot of questions.

Sir Prince Kenny

She thought that they were "just good friends"!


She was told it was all finished, even her grandmother knew it was still going on,they all betrayed her, she was just supposed to have the children and be quiet, it must have been a real surprise when she did not act the way they wanted her to.