Is Meghan really due in late April? Might they have the baby earlier and pretend it was a preemie?



No reason to suppose any different from what has been announced. Legitimacy laws for royalty only require that the parents are married at the time of the birth.


I don't know when she'll give birth, but even if she did so at the end of February, she'd be past the 9-month point. They wouldn't have to pretend anything.


Supposedly, Meghan told someone on a walkabout recently that she was due in April. If, for whatever reason conspiracy theorists can come up with, she and Harry are trying to hide the true due date, I don't think Meghan would've mentioned a month that was too far off the real due date.

Baron Clownish

I have heard rumours that Princess Megan isn't pregnant at all.

Clo G.-B.

We'll have to wait and see when the baby arrives.


Yeah probably


It’s pretty rare to get pregnant accidentally at the Duchess’s age so one suspects the newlyweds’ first stop after the honeymoon was a fertility clinic. I highly doubt she was already pregnant at the wedding.

Sir Prince Kenny

All things are possible but, are they probable!?


I really don't CARE but I've long thought she's further along than said. So yes, they may well have a 10 lb premature baby. Or delay announcing it's birth??? Or just get on with it - after all he married her which is more than often happens these days! @ Tonka - a full white to a half white = only a quarter black, if that. I'd imagine their child willl have a darker skin tone than a 100% white baby.


When the piccaninny decides to drop it will drop that's nature.

Milk Tray Man

DeShawn will emerge approximately eight months after the day of the wedding.