What was Prince Charles and Princess Diana's custody arrangement after their divorce?



Joint custody which gave them equal access to their children. The Princess of Wales was provided with a home at Kensington Palace where her sons could stay with her.


Not having see the divorce papers .............. I think it's right to say they had joint custody. But what does it matter, considering how long ago all this happened!


Charles and Diana had joint custody. The kids lived with Diana in London during the school year (but they were away at boarding school most of those months). During the summer, they lived with Charles at Highgrove, or at Balmoral or at Sandringham. They alternated holidays with their parents. .

Clo G.-B.

They shared custody. The boys were in boarding schools after the divorce and would spend time with both parents whenever they could. They would spend part of summer vacation at Balmoral with Charles, and Diana would take them on trips, too. The boys had homes with both parents, at Kensington Palace and Highgrove House.


Joint custody, Charles had priority around events which were official functions.




When kids spend most of their year at boarding school neither parent really has custody in the conventional sense.

Baron Clownish

Princess Diana avoided custody on a good behaviour bond, but when she breached it...


Wait, there was an actual official divorce?I thought they were still married but having petty relationship problems! I thought that he was going to be with Princess Diana forever but she ended up having a deadly accident, and only after that he was with Camilla.

Helen Heels

That Charles would have full custody after a period of one year from the day the divorce was signed and forever thereafter.

Sir Prince Kenny

Joint custody but, I think Charles had more time to try to indoctrinate them.


Charles got the kids, were officially under the Queen's watch. Diana got visitation.