What do you think Harry & Megans babies names will be?



Are they having more than one? I hadn't heard that. I really don't know the answer to this question. I know only the names I'd LIKE to see them use. My guess is that Philip and Charles could be middle names for a boy. Diana will probably be a middle name for a girl, and possibly Doria, which is the Duchess's mother's name. Unfortunately, "Diana Doria" sounds a bit odd and makes me think of Diana Dors, the actress. It's not beyond the realm of possibility that Diana would be the first name chosen for a girl, but I hope not. She'd spend her life being compared with her deceased grandmother. The Cambridges were very wise to use Diana as a middle, not a first, name for Princess Charlotte. As for first names, I'd like to see Robert for a boy, and Alice or Eleanor for a girl. I love Victoria, too, but "Victoria Diana Doria" sounds REALLY odd. Too many terminal "ah" sounds. However, no one's consulting me or anyone else here.


No telling, but my guess is a name previously used by British royalty. Diana and Doria might find their way into it as a middle name if it's a girl. I've been surprised before with Zara, Eugenie (never heard of the name before), and Louis, which I hate.


Mary Alex

Baron Clownish

Laura or Jerry.


I know the nickname will be gollywog


Wayne if it's a boy, Waynetta if it's a girl.

Clo G.-B.: They have so many names to choose from

They have so many names to choose from: Elizabeth, Alexandra, Mary, Anne, Margaret, Louise,Victoria, Diana, Frances, Sarah, Caroline, Catherine, Dagmar, Olga, Helen, Eugenie, Helena...perhaps Doria for Meghan's mother... Frederick, Ernest, Albert. Charles, Philip, Arthur, Christian, Andrew, Edward, George, Louis, Victor, Patrick, David, Henry William, Richard, Anthony, Antony,Michael.... Any names of past and present royals or offspring are possible.

Helen Heels

More than one? Not likely. If it's a girl, Diana will be the likely choice. LOTS of attention lavished on the Suxxexxess with a baby 'Diana' in tow. Then again, the name will have to get by HM, Charles, and William, lest they be sidelined further. To the next available royal cottage on the Isle of Mann, perhaps.


I have no idea, nor am I remotely interested. I just hope and pray, for the kid's sake, they DO NOT use Diana.

Sir Prince Kenny

Cuffbert for a girl, Effel for a boy and Bruce for anything in between.


It’s time to bring back traditional ancient Celtic names to the British Royal family so I’m going with Cedric Teàrlach Macbeth for a boy Boadicea Agrona Sorcha for a girl


Royalty seems to name their children names from previous royalty. I could place a wager on it... at least being about 95% positive... that they keep doing this pattern. It's like they are afraid to be original, yet the first people to have those names (like Henry, Louis..etc..) were originals. They can name their children as they wish, but I wonder if they are giving them namesakes because they are afraid of breaking tradition.


For a girl, the name should be Lucille Diana Judith. For a boy, Paddy Herman Mark.


Leroy for a boy and Oprah for a girl.

Marie And Alan

Tom, Dick and Harry