Was Mrs. Camilla Parker Bowles still married to husband Andrew when the infamous Camillagate call was recorded between her & Prince Charles?

Will Camilla be crowned Queen alongside Charles as King?


Sure was, just like Diana was still married when she had her infamous Squidgygate call. Big whoop.


Yes. But you knew that.


Of course you already know the answer to this question, darling, having researched it many times. I'm sure you could tell us at precisely what minute of the day the Parker Bowles' divorce was declared final. Your intense obsession with the details of Camilla's life is heartwarming. However, you do need to come up with more original questions about her. I realize you're stuck on certain issues, but make an attempt to expand your horizons. You'll look much more interesting -- a bit more worth bothering with -- once your heart's desire is finally realized and you are introduced to her one day.


I really can't be bothered to check but given how long ago all that apparently happened WHO CARES. I certainly don't. Stuff happens, usually in PRIVATE. IF Charles comes to the throne after his mum dies, and assuming he's still married to Camilla, she will become his Queen Consort. If people don't like it, why not move to another country, perhaps with a President and good luck with that!


That is so. Camilla will become Charles Queen if he can arrange it.




While Camilla, and Charles were both technically married when they began seeing each other, they had long been separated. Most separated people have no issues with dating - their spouses certainly were as well! Camilla will be at best "Queen Consort," which is a way of saying "Mrs. King." She will have zero power.


If that allegation is true, then so what - adultery isn't illegal, just immoral.