Why did the Royal Family stay in London when German bombs fell on Buckingham Palace but are leaving if there is unrest over a no-deal Brexit?



A bit of media nonsense, designed to pass for news in the absence of anything else.


Does anyone really believe this claim? If so, I've got a castle in Ruritania I'd like to sell you.


You may have deduced that this story is about as credible as the Great Brexit Lettuce Shortage they were trying to tell us about last week. Somebody somewhere should be tracked down as the source of this nonsense, and publicly made to explain why they thought it would be a good idea to make it up.


They are not leaving, that was just a stupid comment by a person with nothing better to do.


During WW2, King George and his wife remainde in Buckingham Palace, London (although the daughters were sent to Windsor), which was indeed bombed, to show empathy/support with Londoners during the blitz. The Royal Family are NOT leaving London re the current situation with the EU. It has ONLY been reported that arrangements are being made/have been made to move HM out of London SHOULD IT BE NECESSARY. Somebody picked up on this (which wouldn't be unusual if it did happen) and it was reported. The Queen is hardly likely to be in London much in any case - I think she's still in Sandringham but will be going from there, back to Windsor, in any case. Add - she stays at Sandringham until February 6, the anniversary of her father's death - there. Talk about inciting Londoners to riot!!!

Clo G.-B.

It is only reported that there are plans to move some royals if riots occur. Whether this will happen or not is to be seen. There are people who enjoy making up stories that are far from factual.

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http://www.primaryhomeworkhelp.co.uk/war/royalfamily.htm As a 74 year old I probably have a longer memory than most other users. Since being about 15 I have loved England and the Royal family. I know Elizabeth and Margaret lived in Windsor during the war guarded by an army division Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother said at the time when asked when they were to leave and she replied "The Princesses wont leave without me,I wont leave without the King and the King will never leave.


well have you seen the hate and bile being spat in parliament in the media in social media there have been some very painful stuff said you cant forget easy I was told to commit suicide its nasty gut wrenching hate and its waiting to explode have you seen it experienced it these are not British people to me and I hate them do the maths in real life you cannot get away with it yet its rife and the people wise about such things are scared I told you just my story if someone called me a bell end on a building site well ? on here they do its not good there must be millions very unsettled by fellow stupid Brits


They didn't stay in London it was a PR stunt.


What proof do you have that they are leaving if there is a no deal Brexit None at all this is just the ramblings of yet another troll.

Andrew the Mullin

They didn’t stay in London, it was only their “official” residence for propaganda purposes, they were actually out at Windsor Castle. They’ll do the same during the Brexit mess.

Sir Prince Kenny

What evidence do you have, that they did in fact stay in London?


The royals know of the coming unrest because the government has fully informed them about it. Body doubles have likely been put in place to look like the royals so the public will think they are in the UK if the unrest breaks out. If it does, the actual royals will go overseas to hide out. Photos of the body doubles taken at various UK palaces and castles where the royals usually reside will appear in the press, but only photos taken from a distance.