How long after the death of Queen Elizabeth II will Philip be crowned? Is the time flexible or is it a "must be done by..." situation?


Clo G.-B.

Never. Philip is not the heir to the throne; his, and Elizabeth's eldest child, Charles, Prince of Wales is the heir. The moment the monarch dies, the heir is monarch--have you ever heard the phrase,"The King is dead, long live the King?" One monarch dies and the heir is monarch---there is no waiting period. The formal coronation ceremony, the blessing and anointing of the monarch, takes place a year or so later, but the heir is already monarch.


He won't be crowned as he is not the Queen's heir. It passes to her eldest son, the Prince of Wales. There will be an interval of mourning and then Coronation will be held which may be a year or so after the new king comes to the throne. It is not actually necessary to have a coronation, some monarchs have managed without. Prince Philip is in the order of succession as a grandchild of Queen Victoria, but something like 650th in line.


Only if a lot of other people died at the same time as Elizabeth. While Philip is actually in the line of succession, he is well down: 50's, or 60's I think. Charles will become king the very second that Elizabeth dies. He will probably be crowned sometime within the next year or so, leaving time to mourn Elizabeth.


Never. Her son Charles is next in throne


Philip won’t EVER be king. He is related to the Queen by marriage and only children/blood relatives form the line of succession. Charles as the oldest son will ascend the throne when the Queen dies.


Philip will never be king, as soon as elizabeth dies charles, his eldest son is king..


It will be Prince Charles


Sorry, I meant Prince Charles, not Phillip. Is there a specific time period in which the coronation must take place?

Serene E

Prince Phillip will not take over. Prince Charles or one of his sons will.


Never he is The Duke of Edinburgh is a dukedom associated with Edinburgh, Scotland. There have been three creations since 1726. The current holder is Prince Philip, the husband of and royal consort to Queen Elizabeth II. and 500 in line o the Throne


Charles won’t choose that as his regnal name.


The moment the current monarch dies, the next in line becomes, in this case (UK) King. The Coronation may not take place for up to a year later. It varies. There is always a period of official mourning.

Sir Prince Kenny

It could be any time (within reason) after the Queen has died but, knowing how much Charles lusts after the crown, I would imagine that his coronation will be the next day!


philip will never be crowned It will be prince charles and it will be within 3 months