Have you noticed that when a young lady marries into the royal family the press almost invariably turns on her?

The only one I can think of whom they have spared is Sophie. And I might even be wrong about that – just missed it or something.


It is the same with any celebrity. There are only so many papers you can sell bigging them up: eventually you have to start knocking them down.


Yes. Ive noticed that the press and online commenters on sites like this can be brutal to young women marrying Into the royal family.


It's not merely the tabloid press, which has long thrived on promoting conflict and controversy. It's many members of the public, too. They can't cope with someone else's good fortune. They feel deeply envious and resentful. It doesn't happen only in the UK. As I've commented before, some of the most vicious attacks I've ever seen were directed at Mary McDonald, the Australian woman who married the Crown Prince of Denmark in 2004.


The Earl and Countess chose to work outside of the Royal family when they first got married, so this protected Sophie from the media onslaught that besieged Diana and Sarah. It’s probably a contributing factor to the success of their marriage, compared to the Wales & York’s.

Clo G.-B.

Sophie was the target of press sting, where a reporter masqueraded as a prospective client for her then PR business--she was tricked into saying some things about the royal family. Diana, Kate, Sarah, Meghan, all received both good and bad press. Tabloids like to take one royal and paint them as the "black sheep,: the troublesome one, the do-nothing one, and in the age of the internet, people who have the need to build themselves up by tearing others down, gleefully take part in this sorrowful, tasteless, ignorant activity. The press also does the same thing to born royals--- Princess Margaret, Prince Andrew were targeted for negative press as well.


Sophie Wessex was never going to command the interest any bride of Prince Harry was likely to attract, especially given who Meghan Sussex is!! Sophie, and her husband, have generally managed to keep their heads below the parapet. Good for them although there was some smut dug up early on. I try not to take too much notice of what the trash magazines/gutter press has to say because most of it is only there to sell their rubbish.


The only one I noticed they turned on was Meghan.

Baron Clownish

I don't think the press turned on Princess Kate - although Princess Kate seems quite generous in turning on their readers.


The press turns on everyone except Obama, he's still a god to them.


I worried about the one who is 'spared'. Something must have gone wrong?