How will you react when the queen of england dies?



Go on about my day.


Well that Queen (of England) already died. When Queen Elizabeth II passes, I will be very sad but not exactly grief stricken. At the same time I'll be fascinated to see how the Royals then move on. I can just about remember George VI and his death, so as with so many of us, the current Queen is the only Queen we have known. Which means there will be a huge change - and perhaps not necessarily for the better. Even if the RF is nothing if not wrapped in Tradition. I have to say that as all these familiar faces go, it bothers me more and more - and the next in line!!!


I don't "react" a whole lot over famous people that I have no attachment to.


I am not British but I have a lot of respect for her and her family.

Mike W

I don't know, and probably won't know until it happens. It will probably be much like most of us react when someone who had been around our entire life, has always been there, is now gone for good. It's just another reminder of our own mortality. Politically it will have little to no impact. England will, for the first time in over 60 years will have a king, but since it's a constitutional monarchy, nothing will change.


As that happened more than 300 years ago, I would not react at all.

NPG Starlett

I would say "she lived a long life. She was human like all of us".

Chris Ancor


mike m

I'll be ticked because my shows on tv or radio will be preempted for coverage of her death and funeral. Other than that, no reaction, Royalty is a stupid concept today.


I would wish the Royal family condolences and then go on with my life. Charles is not as bad as the press and Lady Di supporters think. And Prince William would be afterwards an even more popular king.


Will sit back and watch the monarchy crumble with the unpopular Charles and Camilla becoming the new King and Queen.


I don't think she's any different from any other wise elder. I'll give my condolence. I just much rather keep it the queen of england, not king.


I am a British subject, and I was born in the UK. I shall be sorry to see her go, because her death will probably signal some changes. Maybe we will get used to the changes, maybe not.


Outside of her dying in some insane way, at this point her passing would come off as expected. I suppose my reaction would be to wonder what's for dinner that night since it would have zero impact on anyone or anything within my existence.


I don't get her. I guess I'll pay respects but that whole thing of queendom bugs me.


I really don't know


she's human like everyone else


The last queen of england died over 300 years ago.


Being from the UK myself and growing up only knowing the queen. I would say that the nation will be quite sad, because she is a very hardworking monarch and has done a fantastic job. There would no doubt, be a state funeral, as you Americans do with your president, but then we will move on as a nation and welcome the next monarch.

pit bulls bite

i wont lose any sleep


oh well


Shes lived an extremely long life and has been one of the better rulers this country could have hoped for.


She will never die. Isnt that clear by now she intends to outlive everyone.


Well, I won't be grief-stricken. People usually are not about the death of someone they don't know personally. Many British will be feel quite sad, though, for good reason, and I'll be sympathetic. This is a woman who's spent most of her long life devoting herself to duty on behalf of her country, whatever you happen to think of the nature of her duties, and who's still doing it at 92. Of course most British will mourn her. I'll primarily be interested to see the funeral and, eventually, the coronation of the new monarch. My parents-in-law were in London for Elizabeth's coronation in 1953 and had seats along the processional way. I was looking at pictures of them on that day last fall, just after my father-in-law's death, and wondering how the next coronation might be different from that one. Perhaps I'll find out one of these days, but who knows? Elizabeth might live another 10 years, surpassing her mother, and who can say whether any of us will live to see her funeral and her heir's crowning?


Same way I always do.

Christian sinner

Expectantly, but not happy about it at all. Also, there is something about her long life that might mean her death a sign of a change. I believe in signs like that. I think it isn't just signalling the end of her life.


Shocked. Lol I meant half sarcastically, but it would still be a significant death nonetheless.


You know everybody loves the Queen at the end of the day

Clo G.-B.

I will be sad to see the passing of a living, historic person. I also will acknowledge that the Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland has lived a long, full life. I am interested in watching various ceremonies and will watch some of the coverage on this historic occasion.

Jake No Chat

I will have a spot of tea, and try to suck it up.