If Edward VIII had married Wallis and refused to abdicate, what could anyone have done?



Parliament can remove any monarch. If there had been enough agitation for it, it could have happened. The question is whether sufficient agitation would have occurred. The other problem, of course, is whether Edward could have found anyone to perform the marriage. The C of E's clerics could not have done so under the rules at the time. The Church of Scotland's clerics could have done it, but many might have demurred. Registrars might have done the same.


Pressured him and made his life a living hell. Edward didn't want the job anyway and Wallis provided a convenient way out.


1. He'd have had to find somebody willing to marry them 2. He'd have found it impossible to reign without Parliament's backing. Not to say that Edward apparently DIDN'T WANT TO BE KING, with or without Wallis. You do have to remember that in former times, people were not so inclined to 'buck the system' as they perhaps are these days.


Not a thing and he actually had a popular base. It upset the stuffy people at the top who buffaloed Edward into abdicating. The common people would NOT have called for abolishing the monarchy because they LIKED him, and the stuffy establishment types wanted him to abdicate not destroy the establishment. He could have pulled it off with just a soupcon of moxie.


Edward VIII knew that the only option he had constitutionally was to follow the 'advice'of the governments of his realms and dominions, and he was prepared to abdicate if they were opposed to his intention to marry. Therefore the question is irrelevant. The only offer on the table which would have allowed for him to remain on the throne while married to Wallis was that the marriage be morganatic. The governments of the Dominions were opposed this.

Sir Prince Kenny

He would have been removed by parliament, if not voluntarily then by other means.

Baron Clownish

There could have been moves towards abolishing the monarchy. But the problem was not Wallis - she was a happy fig leaf to cover up the true reasons for the abdication - which was that Edward VIII was a Nazi who had little interest in kinging.

Clo G.-B.

There was no possibility for Edward VIII to reign since he was forced to abdicate. A constitutional monarch reigns through Parliament and a Parliament that doesn't recognize the monarch means that person is not monarch. Edward would have found that he was removed from the throne and his brother as king. Edward could have been jailed or placed into exile for refusal to cooperate.


He was told in no uncertain terms that he could not have both, he had to choose, he had no power, the government could just have refused to crown him.

DGH is back !

The government would have resigned.


Nothing. The monarch is sovereign and is the divinely chosen leader of their subjects. We would have had Edward as King and Wallis as Queen. That was his divine birthright to have the choice of reigning over his subjects.