T or F: Kate Middleton is good role model for young women?

When it comes to style, behavior etc


Based on what I see & reading on the media, I would say your statement appears to be true.


I would say True, also. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge is polite, kind and carries out her work well. She is a loving mother daughter and sister. She is a good role model for any person who values family. Not all women of today work at a career full time but many would encompass some of the skills that Catherine uses in her role as a member of the BRF. She is a good ambassador for the charities that she supports and for the Anglican Church..


|Depends how she roles.


This has nothing to do with being a role model, it is about her having to follow rules.Those rules have existed for hundreds of years and all she had to do to not have to follow them was to not marry a member of the royal family. Once in she's stuck with the rules. I wouldn't change places with a member of the royal family for anything. Meghan doesn't fully know what she's let herself in for yet. Kate seems to enjoy it all - but who really knows? What goes on behind palace doors is anyone's guess but they will always seem to be good role models when out and about. They have no choice.


Nope, Melania Trump is.

Clo G.-B.

To some she is. The former Kate Middleton behaves well, dresses well. There are some people who believe that she should have had a more complete work resume--they aren't satisfied with her history of working for her parents; company, yet these same people would not find fault with other women, or men, working for their family company!

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I don't know if she is a good role model. She smiles and waves at the appropriate times and leads a normal life, of loving wife and devoted mother so, in that way she is a good role model...well let's just say, she isn't a bad role model.


well she makes a good baby making machine


I do not think you understand role model someone of this kind of stature is not even a consideration people around you are role models and maybe a rare person of notoriety but not someone is such a situation that is not normal and not obtainable

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Oh yeah sure she is, walking around with your boobs and backside out is always a good idea.


Chinito hills


I would say True




Kate is okay But you should consider Michelle Obama too He is even better


not all young women. at least not for me


I'm considerably older than her, and American, so it's kind of hard for me to relate to her, Age and citizenship aside, she's married into an incredibly wealthy family and many of her options are severely limited by what royal protocol dictates, so it's hard to say what she'd be doing/wearing if she were married to someone else.

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IMHO, role models should be people that you actually know.


she could be to some young women*..

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Compared to say Nicki Minaj or any of the Kardashians then yes she is.

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No. She is required to follow many rules because she is in the royal family. Therefore, her actions are to an extent out of touch with the rest of society. Some people may disagree, but I think a women who isn’t allowed to work shouldn’t be considered a role model. Being a mother shouldn’t always been a girls highest goal in life.


Maybe now. But as she appears to have picked her college based solely on attracting her spouse and then waited so long for him that it was nearly ridiculousness...that's not great role modeling for young women. She just got lucky that everything worked out in her favor.


Her style is only because of the royal stylists who control everything she wears. She didn't dress like that before she got married. Here is one of her fashion disasters She also never had a real job. She finished school then waited around for years for Will to propose to her. Why go to a top university like St Andrews if you aren't going to do anything with it - not even volunteer if she didn't need to work for money?


What has she done to inspire everyday young women? nothing.


True, for some. I don't think there would be that many young women using her as a role model because she's basically old enough to be their mother who's an older generation. Young girls prefer to look up to someone closer to their own age.


No such person, like every other woman on the planet her name chamged upon her marriage.


Not especially. Unlike her sister-in-law, she had no real career and was basically supported by her parents (or perhaps by the trust fund I'm sure they established for her) during the long years she dated Prince William. She was said to be working for the family company, but I suspect that was largely a dodge. Also unlike her sister-in-law, she wasn't really seriously involved with any charities or philanthropic/volunteer work either. She had something to do with a benefit for the Starlight Foundation, but I know of nothing else. Her job now is being royal, and she's taken on a variety of charitable patronages, but these more or less came with her marriage. She didn't get involved with them independently of that. And of course her lifestyle is nothing anyone else can aspire to. She seems a perfectly nice woman, from what I can tell (which isn't a lot), and she presents herself well, but no, she's hardly a role model. She also dresses well, of course, as royal women tend to, but her style is rather staid and somewhat too old for her -- certainly for most young women.


Not showing her butt and boobs and selfie library...YES

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Yes if they want to become Jewish like her.