Is it true that only a handful of doddering pensioners care about the British Royal family?



No it is not true.

Clo G.-B.

No. Interest in history is shared by many people, of differing ages.


at Windsor for the Royal wedding, Most of the People were Under 40 with their Children


No, because there are countries in the world, and the UK is one of them, where the constitution is taken seriously. Because we do not trust our politicians the way some people in far off lands do.


false Britons have a very strong affinity for the royal family


It would appear so and those who have been brainwashed. Anybody with any sense sees them for what they are, parasites.


Very true. younger generation have better things to be worried about.


No a lot of people of all ages care about the Royal Family. So this has to be yet one more question from a troll.


Royalists are primarily post-menopausal women. There is not much enthusiasm for monarchy among the younger generations, based on it being such an antiquated institution that is irrelevant to 21st century norms.


Yes, a small amount of people who are loud so it seems like there is more of them.

Louise C

Considering the numbers who watch royal weddings, I would say not.


Looking at the average age of people waiting to see the RF outside the church at Sandringham this year - far from it.

Sir Prince Kenny

No, of course not, I care about the Royal Family...well, the Queen but, not her parasites, very much and I'm only 98 years old.