What's the relation between Coreans and English Queen? Why Coreans called English Queen "sister" in the past?


Clo G.-B.

1. Do you mean "Korean?" 2. There no longer is an English realm. The separate kingdom of England ceased to exist in 1707. The Acts of Union, during the reign of Anne Stuart, ended the separate realms of England/Wales, and Scotland, to form one United Kingdom of Great Britain, and Ireland. 3. Queen Anne was the last Queen of England. Elizabeth II is Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The UK has a working relationship with South Korea, Elizabeth having paid a State Visit 19–22 April 1999; she visited Seoul, and Andong .

Helen Heels

Well, she's small and they have been known, generally speaking, to not have such great eyesight.


Do you mean Korean?. No relation with the UK Queen.


Different race Europeans are Caucasoids Koreans are mongoloids no similarity


The Queen shares an ancestor with the Koreans who lived about 100,000 years ago. The Queen, like all Europeans, is descended from the line that moved into Europe about 50,000 years ago while Koreans, like all east Asians are descended from the line that moved east from western Asia. They are no more closely related than that.