What physical features doPrinces William &Harry have that resemble their maternal grandparents, the late Earl Spencer & his 1st wife Frances?


Clo G.-B.

Harry resembles his maternal aunt, Lady Sarah Spencer McCorquodale the most. It is around the forehead and jaw line mostly, but the Spencers and the Mountbatten-Windsors both share a low eyebrow ridge.


Most of the Spencer family have red hair just as Diana did - although hers was not as noticeable as that of other family members.


Prince William looks a lot like his mother. Prince Harry looks less like his mother, but does resemble his Uncle Charles Spencer and aunt Sarah (Spencer) McCorqudale pretty strongly and has the Spencer red hair.


Diana's side have a few gingers which explains Harry.

Janet S

Williams teeth, eyes, and complexion, and his hair back when he had it. Harry’s lips. And red hair.


As said, I think William looks like his mother. I see non of Charles etc. in him facially. Harry on the other hand looks like Prince Philip when he was young. And again with where the red hair comes from - not getting into that!

Sir Prince Kenny

The colour of their hair.


No brains.


Harry resembles his Dad, James Hewitt.


Prince Harry is the son of a certain Major Hewitt. All the evidence is out there.