Why isn't there a king of England?



Because there is no Kingdom of England anymore. It was eventually replaced by the present United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland currently has a female as its sovereign and whilst that is the case there is no king.


because there is a current queen of england


The queens father did not have a son but had two daughters.


Because the last monarch only had daughters. Our Queen's first born was a son, so we will have a king when she dies.


Because Queen Elizabeth II has been on the throne for over 6 decades. There will be one, Prince Charles, when she passes away.


Because, there's a Queen.


There will be when the queen dies and her son becomes the king


Because we have a QUEEN and a Duke.


England is ONLY ONE part of the UK and it has a Queen because she a daughter was NEXT in line....Is the BRITISH MONARCHY and has been since 1707...

Clo G.-B.

There no longer is an English realm. It is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. There currently is a Queen Regnant as monarch. Her spouse is known as a Prince, Consort, Duke, Earl, and Baron. When there is a queen regnant, there can be no king because she is the hereditary monarch. Men married to an hereditary monarch have their own titles and can not use the status of their wives, so a husband of a regnant can not be called king consort or king.


Because Elizabeth was the eldest child of george VI, he had no sons, so when he died in 1952 she became queen, we will have a king when elizabeth dies, that is charles, her eldest son .By the way she is queen of the united kingdom and all her overseas dominions.


Because Elizabeth was born without a penís