Would a movie about Princess Diana and Sarah Ferguson’s relationship work?

It could mention how the two of them grew up together and remained firm friends until Diana’s death, Diana playing matchmaker setting Sarah and Prince Andrew up together, their fallout before Diana’s death, and how Diana lives on through Sarah in the present day. What do you think?


Who the hell would want to watch it? From what I understand, they couldn't attract much of an audience for a supposedly romantic film about Diana and Hasnat Khan, and the critics despised it. I can't imagine a film about her and Sarah Ferguson would be any better.

Clo G.-B.

It could work. The subject has already been addressed in some made-for-television movies that aired in the '90's that focused on the ends of the women's marriages.


Not even as an American TV movie would that story line work, Nobody is interested enough to pay to see a story which has been told a thousand times.

Helen Heels

Yes. A royal-themed Thelma and Louise. The two getting into a row before the crash, leaving Louise to carry on embarrassing their in-laws. Gwyneth Paltrow and Wynonna Judd. An unintentionally hilarious gem of a film. I'm buying it.


Probably not, but that doesn't mean someone won't try to make one.


Yeah, and we can include their extramarital affairs for some spice! JK, I don't think they were that close, and their falling out at the end wouldn't make a good ending.


Work - as in being a block-buster? No. Most of their lives are well enough known without there needing to be a film. BORING!!

Sir Prince Kenny

I would sooner watch paint dry.


They did not grow up together, they never met until they became part of the royal family.