Why do conservatives keep watching Fox News even after being laughed at and ridiculed for it?

Is it because they have brain damage from watching it and don't realize they're being made fun of? Just noticed that I mentioned conservatives and Fox News in the same question so YA catagorized it as NASCAR...sounds about right! lol


Why do you watch fake news?


why would anyone watch CNN , MSNBC, cbs, nbc, abc, pbs and npr? all or fake news liberal crap. Everyone who watches these liberal channels are brain washed IDIOTS>


Why should we care about being ridiculed by filthy Bolsheviks?


Why should we let a vocal minority shut down the truth. Can you handle this truth from latest available Adweek: "Fox News remained No. 1 across the 24-hour day, and No. 3 in prime behind ESPN and Hallmark Channel. MSNBC held onto a top 5 ranking..." We are not snowflakes that melt when the Moron Minority attempts to insult us with half truths.


Kettle calling the pot black. And the pot isn’t even black.


Fox reaffirms the corporate philosophy. Their pundits are the least accurate. Trump who seems to get much of his "news" from them is clearly misinformed about many things. Fox News (which is not news) is most certainly not the “most trusted news network.” (In fact, Fox News is not really a news network.) It may (at the moment) have some popularity. It may have higher ratings than some other news networks (most of which, actually do present news). It is certainly more popular than CSpan. However, CSpan would certainly be ranked as “more trusted,” by almost any measure. Fox News has never even won a single award for journalism (perhaps, because it does not actually do journalism). The Jerry Springer television program actually is “more popular” than PBS’ Nova series, or 60 Minutes. However, I doubt if you will find too many who would refer to the Jerry Springer television program as “trusted.” Since its 1997 creation by Australian Rupert Murdoch, Fox has never won any of the most prominent journalism awards. Consider the George F. Peabody Award, perhaps the most prestigious honor in electronic media and given by the University of Georgia, hardly a bastion of liberalism, since 1941. From Fox's arrival in 1997, PBS has the most Peabodys, with 19 in the news category, followed closely by CBS (16) and BBC (14). PBS also has topped the competition for the Alfred I. DuPont-Columbia University Awards honoring excellence in broadcast journalism, with 23 prizes. CBS News has been the most honored (25 times) with the Edward R. Murrow Award, named for the great broadcast journalist whose World War II reporting from London was unparalleled. Aside from no awards, Fox has yet to match CBS, NBC and ABC news giants such as Murrow; Walter Cronkite, once TV's most respected man; Tom Brokaw, who authored “The Greatest Generation”; David Brinkley/Chet Huntley; or Peter Jennings, John Chancellor, Diane Sawyer and Barbara Walters, among others. Today’s major network anchors, Lester Holt, David Muir and Anthony Mason, are superb in their own right. Fox is packaged as entertainment. So it remains popular.


Why do you stupid morons continue watching CNN when you know it is completely fake news garbage like MSNBC and SNOPES?


the beauty of fox news, when you can finally recognize it, is that the caricatures there are crafted to emulate the worst tendencies within the small corners of dark minded conservatism. it is a farce, but a very serious one. it is Murdoch's way of telling us the folly of the farcical attributes that people will gladly latch onto, even hang onto. Fox news was a product to be sold, and he craftily did so.


I never have. I don't trust TV news and don't need to be spoon fed. CNN and MSLSD are as bad if not worse.