Can someone explain how in the hell Mussina made the Hall before Curt Schilling?

There's only two possible explanations I can think of. 1. Schill is a collosal POS as a person and unlikeable by most people. This inevitably cost him votes. 2. NY hacks doing the voting, same reason Gossage got in before Jim Rice. On merit alone, Schilling should've gotten in by now.

Bone Alone

#1. The media doesn’t like schilling. He’s anti-transgender. He screwed Rhode Island out of 75 million.


I think both are borderline cases. However, Mussina did have fifty-something more wins. The biggest reason holding him back is his mouth, his temper and politics. In addiition, he may say he never used PED's, but if you look at his stats there are two periods in his career that just jump out at you, when his SO/9 suddenly doubled. I have to wonder if during those periods he was getting some help from PED's. The PED's might explain his irascible behavior as well.

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schilling beat the nyy he is gay


I thought Schilling should have been in by now. Maybe next year. As to Mussina, I'm surprised he was voted in. I never thought of him as being more than a workaday pitcher, not HOF quality.