Do you agree with ESPNs First Take people, that Alex Rodriguez should be a hall of famer?

They just had Arod on talking about the new inductees, and about Bonds and Clemens. Max was going off on Clemens because you new when he was juiced that helped him perform better, and therefore shouldn't get in. yet when they had Arod on, who has clearly tested positive and suspended from playing multiple times, still think he should be in the hall of fame. i know what i said before. but are Stephen A and Max idiots for saying Arod should be in the HOF? Or were they just being nice while he was on and saying he should get in?


I expect ARod to get the same treatment as Bonds and Clemens. i.e., they all deserve it but will have to wait for forgiveness from the voters first.


Sure. The Hall of Fame is just a museum, people make it more serious than it really was. Alex Rodriguez was one of the best players, he already benefited from it financially, just let him in.


Alex Rodriguez is a cheater (sterioids) and does not belong in Cooperstown.


They being nice aka hypocrites