Do you think the Texas Rangers have a shot at the playoffs this year?

They've made a lot of improvements. As a Rangers fan, I hope they do.


Right now, everybody is 0-0.A trade a star player getting hurt , everybody playing up to their potential, starters not playing up the their potential could spell the difference between playoff time and mediocre season

Jerry S

not really.

Mike Dickerson

I don't see it. Lineup looks underwhelming and there just isn't enough pitching. One thing going for you is the AL is very weak after the top teams. NYY, BOS, HOU, CLE are great teams... the last wild card spot is up for grabs between OAK, LAA, TB, MIN. Maybe TEX finds themselves in that mix. You should be looking at a long term view of the Rangers. Hopefully they are developing good prospects.


a wild card would be your only real hope.


Sorry No way both team you mention are better right now.