What is the big deal about Rivera?

Most overrated player in the most overrated position, He should thank those loaded Yankee Lineups for providing him a cushion for those saves. At least Trevor Hoffman did it on a shitty team. Are we just gonna ignore the fact he blew the 2001 World Series?


Rivera has the most saves, highest saves pct. and lowest ERA. https://www.cooperstowncred.com/the-history-of-relief-pitching-part-six-comparing-closers-across-eras/ Keeping him out of the HOF would be a travesty and I don't like the Yankees.


"blew the 2001 world series". don't forget he helped the team win five others. he also won the world series MVP in 1999.


The hitters who had to face Rivera night in and night out have a different opinion.

Ms. Clones

I don't agree on Rivera. But I do agree that Hoffman is under-appreciated because he spent his career playing for the Padres.


Not sure what loaded Yankee lineups have to do with his dominance. He had 11 seasons with an ERA under 2. Hoffman in comparison only had 2. You can say if it wasn’t for those loaded Yankee lineups he doesn’t get the postseason opportunities which are a big part of his legacy, but he was one of the best regardless.


Trevor was much better. Rivera is overrated because he played for that AL team that attempts to buy World Series championships. Bruce Sutter is a better Pitcher.

Random Guy

Really ill informed. Can I punch you?