Is it funny that the Pelicans are trying to play tough?

I suspect that Anthony Davis trading value will decrease as time go by. I don't see him going to Boston or any other team. This will reduce his trading value because no team will trade for him as a rental. His value also drops if he becomes injured at any point.


Not really. The Pelicans are getting no shortage of offers (including from the Raptors, Bucks, Rockets, and pretty much every other team). They're just trying to get the best value for their player. AD's wish list at the moment are the Lakers, Celtics, 76'ers, and Knicks. The Celtics can't trade for him until the offseason, the Sixers have a ton of good players, and the Knicks could land the #1 pick, so the Pelicans can afford to be patient

The Ghost Hunter

Not Really. They just don't wanted him to trade him to a team that, He actually wants to play for. They also wanted him to think if, He'd declined 300 Million Contract from The New Orleans Pelicans. We can't blame them at all. They also wanted him much better Offers from another Teams in Off-Season.