Should I act on this or let it go?

I’m am on an basketball team- but also a dance team. I attend basketball thrice a week and dance twice. Basketball is technically four times a week, but I have dance that day, so I skip it. Usually we have games on the days were supposed to have practice, and sometimes I will have something else to do that day, because games last until like 9 pm. So yeah I’m not completely DEVOTED to basketball, but I try. All the people on my team think I Half-butting it because I miss games and stuff. People are sarcastic saying like ‘its Nice to have you at practise’ And then rolling their eyes after. What do I need to do???


Did you explain its because of dance? Maybe ask them if they would rather you quit rather than "half butt" it. If they say no, then you can say then please stop mentioning it.