Will Klay Thompson go to the Lakers after Anthony Davis?



I don't see Klay leaving Golden State. The cap is set to jump again so the Warriors will probably offer him the max contract he wants I can see Kyrie Irving joining the Lakers though...

The Ghost Hunter

It's very Possible. It depends What The Golden State Warriors would do with Kevin Durant. The Golden State Warriors would do everything on their power to keep Klay Thompson. If, The Golden State Warriors don't give him a Super Max then, He'll definitely go The Lakers. I Know The Report said He'll joins if, They get AD. I don't believe the Media. I need to see it around the Off-Season.

Purple Haze

I honestly find Klay more important for the team's chemistry and defense than Durant... I think they are more likely to keep Klay around at a cheaper price than Durant and not risk screwing up there chemistry but of course Durant is such a consistent scorer which Klay isn't exactly and with Durant you can always expect him to get you a easy 25+ ppg and he can win games pretty much by himself. Also, there is literally no sg a better match for curry than klay, he covers up his weak ends, that being his defense and lack of strength/athleticism. I also think the fans are more behind Klay than Durant and even they expect Durant to bounce out, I mean I think so considering that another team will offer Durant a ridiculous max contract he won't be able to resist. I think a team like the lakers or knicks could land Durant, the knicks could give him a ridiculous contract and the lakers will probably have ad and lebron which would be pretty much one of the most dominate teams in nba history with him there.