BOXING LEGACY: Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather where will they rank among P4P ALL-TIME GREATS?!?

. With both their illustrious careers coming to a close... how highly do you think these two boxing icons will rank among the top P4P ALL-TIME GREATS!!! Obviously, NEITHER OF THEM CAN APPROACH SUGAR RAY ROBINSON STATUS... but, I think they rank pretty high still!!! Pacquiao's the first and ONLY 8-Division World Champion, between the two of them they've beaten scores of World Champions, and quite a few Hall of Famers too! Do you think they make the top ten, top twenty, top thirty, or top fifty???


Top 15


Actually both are top 50. Mayweather might be top 30. Manny top 50 in my opinion. Before people tell me I am crazy, we are talking pound for pound all time. That is a lot of decades of great fighters in every weight. So top 50 is very good.

Sports MD

They are definitely all time greats after what they accomplished. They gave us fights to remember while putting on a show for the fans. They will be ranked in the top 20 when they retire. They will also be talked about while the next generation will compare the prospects and future champions to them.


Both Pacquiao and Mayweather Jr. are all time greats - no doubt about that. Pacquiao was an exceptionally unique, and unorthodox complete fighter that was able to climb through weight divisions with crazy ease. Mayweather Jr. is one of the greatest defensive boxers of all times. But I have to ask a serious question. Who had the better record as far as greater, higher caliber (all-time-great) fighters beaten, Ike Williams or Manny Pacquiao? And between Williams and Pac, who had the more advanced boxing skill set? Who was a more dangerous puncher? Pacquiao (aside from his physical attributes of hand speed, foot speed, & punch volume) only has the weight climbing attribute over Williams. In fact, Pac struggled versus elite level counter-punchers (Marquez) and even versus educated boxer-punchers (like Morales). Williams would have KO d Morales and would have corner-stopped Marquez late. I rank Ike Williams #44 P4P all-times. On a P4P list, Jimmy Bivins beat such monsters like Ezzard Charles, Charley Burley, Archie Moore, and Lloyd Marshall. Just these fighters obliterate anything Floyd has on his record. And if we are going by undefeated records. Ricardo Finito Lopez had a higher undefeated record than Floyd. Why isn t Lopez top 50 P4P? Why isn t Rocky Marciano top 20? Floyd & Pacquiao are definitely in the top 80, but to be an undisputed champ was more difficult the further in time you go back. What are some of the factors contributing to this? Less weight classes, ONE champion per weight class, more boxing gyms & boxers in the old time US meant more tough fighters to face at the club level, less competition from other sports (like American Football, Basketball, MMA, etc.), more rounds per championship fights, less pay, greater access to direct lineage trainers. I mean, Jake LaMotta had a MONSTER record of defeated legends (including beating a prime Welterweight Sugar Ray Robinson). I have LaMotta #39 all time. Anyone telling me that Pac / Floyd are greater P4P fighters than LaMotta? Why?

Cali d

Floyd Mayweather will be in the Top 5. Pacquiao in the top 10. Pacquiao lost to Morales. He got put to sleep by Marquez. Couldn't touch Mayweather.


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