What happens if Manny Pacquiao defeats Adrien Broner?!?

. With a story-book career, and being arguably the very best of his era... Manny Pacquiao has nothing left to prove. Most people (myself included) believe that even at age 40, Pacquiao is still probably too much for Broner. It'll still probably be fun to watch, but does it do ANYTHING for Pacquiao's legacy if he wins?! It probably hurts it some if he looses, and there isn't much of an upside. What's the point of fighting Broner?! I would have thought Pacquiao would maybe come back to fight Mikey Garcia or Vasyl Lomachenko at 140, or possibly a rematch against Floyd Mayweather, at least those fights would improve his legacy! If it's money Manny's after... those fights would certainly earn him MUCH more than Broner, and would improve his legacy. What's the upside to fighting Broner?! Does it do ANYTHING for Manny's legacy?!


Most likely he will do the rematch against Floyd Mayweather after that fight for a last big cash grab. He may stick around a bit longer after that match to serve up as a big name sacrificial lamb for Vasyl Lomanchenko for the right amount of money I would guess.


At this stage of the game, win, lose, or draw will have no effect on Pacquiao’s legacy.


I don't agree he gets more money fighting Garcia or Loma than vs Broner, Broner is a bigger name than both of them and also he and Pacman are with Al-Haymon too so it's the easiest to make (though Garcia shouldn't be a problem either). Mayweather schooled Pacquiao when they clashed, the victory was wide and unanimous, there's no desire for a rematch, no one wants to see that especially if it's PPV which we know it would be. The upside to fighting Broner is it's low risk/high reward.


I don't think it will help or hurt his legacy very much.