Could uncertainty effect the power of your punch?



Yes if you are not committed to that punch you are throwing and you are throwing it with the intention of landing it and making good, solid contact. One of the things you can do defensively is to create that uncertainty in your opponent's mind and that can be done using a number of different tools. Your ability to move and your ability to judge your distance for instance as well as judging the effective distance that you opponent has for instance. Then there is the ability to slip their punches or make them miss entirely; those are two other tools you can employ to create indecisiveness and uncertainty in your opponent's mind and they maybe not throwing shots as hard and as quick as they can but instead taking a little off of them. Just let me add also that I have talked about some of those tools before in this forum and their importance along with feathering your own punches. Feathering your own punches means you don't throw every shot or combination as hard as you can. That way you maybe save energy that you would have otherwise used and wasted if you missed with those shots and combinations. Also your opponent can't tell when and which shots and combinations you will feather so they have to more or less respect all that you throw as real shots. Feathering your shots and combinations may not do damage but they do show aggression and count in the judges mind for that when landing them and help demonstrate your effectiveness as a fighter while allowing you to save some energy.


Yes it does uncertainty serves as a distraction to your mind. Put your mental energy into staying relaxed, breathing, focused then commit your punch.


Yes. That’s part of the reason behind why you can’t really hurt yourself by trying to punch yourself. A healthy mind will subconsciously make you pull your punches if you’re trying to punch yourself. It’s the same thing when you’re trying to hit someone else and you have uncertainty of any kind.