Who was a better boxer? Mike Tyson? Lennox Lewis? Or Evander Holyfield?


ulbud k

Of the three, I would pick Tyson, but only pre-Don King Tyson. Once his life became a circus, his boxing skills started to slip. People never seemed to notice how good Tyson was defensively. I think people tend to denigrate Tyson as a boxer because of A. How his career ended and B. All of the outside the ring nonsense. I think Lewis and Holyfield were exceptional, but Tyson was dominant.


Mike Tyson for sure.


Better boxer? Gotta be Lennox Lewis. His power was comparable to George Foreman and boxing IQ comparable to Ali. Very complete, patient and cerebral fighter. His only fault was his suspect chin.


Holyfield was a great boxer and a warrior . Peak Tyson had very fast hands and good defense. Lewis was a huge man who had a great jab. I really cant answer.


The one with victories over the other two.


I would probably rank them; Lewis Tyson Holyfield But obviously three of the greatest heavyweight champions of all time. PS; Holyfield does have the distinction of being the only man in the history of boxing to have been undisputed champion at two different weights


I'd say the answer is either Lewis or Holyfield. I personally thought Holyfield did enough to beat Lewis in their first fight. However, I thought the verdict of their second fight was correct. So in my eyes, Lewis and Holyfield both have a victory over each other and given their age there's no way in hell we'll ever see a rubber match between the two so I say both Lewis and Holyfield are equals.


Mike Tyson


Little Mac


As a pure boxing skill 1. Prime Holyfield 2. Lennox Lewis 3. Mike Tyson As is whole career boxing Either Holyfield or Lennox is better fighters

Jerry S


Bob: I rank them as follows

I rank them as follows: 1- Lewis 2- Tyson 3- Holyfield. Lewis is clearly the best of the 3, it's close between Tyson & Hollyfield, Evander's edge is that he is 2-0 against mike, Tyson edges are that he had a better run as champion before he lost to Douglass than Holyfield ever had ( in my opinion) and that he was gifted a draw in the first fight against Lewis, and I also don't think he won the second fight against Bowe, and to me if both of these fights were scored as losses, Holyfield's record does not look nearly as good as it does now.


Muhammad Ali.


1. Lewis 2. Holyfield . . . . . . Tyson