How old is a firestone bicycle with this model number 18019A32?



Model numbers & serial numbers basically do one thing only. They match up that particular bike to the owner IF the owner is smart enough to make a note of it on the sales receipt. The only website I'm aware of that dates bicycles by serial numbers is Angel Fire. They keep track of Chicago made Schwinn bikes. A bicycle branded Firestone could have been made by almost any company anywhere in the world. So...don't shoot the messenger. But most are no better than a discount or big box store bike. Sorry...


I am curious. Why is it important to know the age of this bike? Firestone bikes were manufactured under contract to be sold in auto parts stores. The actual manufacturer could change from year to year. The serial number on the bike was stamped on the frame by the factory that built the frame. If the contract with Firestone lasted for several years, the frame could have been built a year or more before the bike was built up into a bicycle. With old mass market bikes, value depends on condition. with no more information other than a serial number, the bike is worthless, the age does not matter. A full description along with good quality pictures would be much more useful, but unless the bike is in pristine showroom condition, it is not worth very much