Why would cyclists be abusive when I am travelling in the lane?

I am in a wheel chair and use the same lane as cyclists but many don't like to share. I am the same as a cyclist, I just don't have wheels inline, my wheels are on the side. But is same. ?? Do you do this ?? Not going slow, just as fast as them in parts. Oh please don't insult me more by saying I'm a foreign troll. Its bad enough I use a wheel chair


Unless you’re in a sports wheelchair I find it hard to believe that you’re keeping up with cyclists. Even if you are keeping up with cyclists, you’re wider than cyclists, which makes you harder to overtake. And you accelerate and brake differently than cyclists, making you scarier to ride along with. On top of that, haters gonna hate. Some people don’t need much excuse to dislike other people. Just look at the ebike discussion. Even if you have a vehicle that is entirely comparable to bicycles in speed, weight, and handling, some people will hate on it only b/c its electrified. Your vehicle is at least considerably different.


I'm not clear what you mean. Do you mean 'lane' as in 'country lane' (a narrow road not segregated into footway and carriageway) or 'lane' as in subdivision of a carriageway (e.g. 'bus lane' 'overtaking lane' 'turning lane' etc)? If you mean you are proceed along a country lane in a wheelchair and cyclists you meet are abusive, then unless you are doing something stupid or antisocial I cannot imagine why they should be so nasty. If you mean lane as in subdivision of a larger carriageway, why are you and cyclists in the same lane at all? As a wheelchair user you should be on the footway if there is one, and cyclists should not be there. Do you mean that that the road includes a shared foot/cycle path? Those are not called 'lanes'. If you are using a shared path in your wheelchair and cyclists also using it are being abusive then again unless you are doing something stupid or antisocial I cannot imagine why they should be so nasty. Are you sure you are not taking your wheelchair into some part of the road where you are not supposed to be?

Holo Holo

They could say something like everyone else, but being abusive ones, I would call MORONS!


Because cyclists are as polite or rude as anyone else. If they think you're getting in their way for no good reason, some of them will be abusive to you. Just like car drivers are abusive to cyclists.


I bet you're the same Australian anonymous troll who's been complaining about cyclist not using bike lanes. Unless a person who must use a wheelchair is using some kind of motorized attachment such as a Firefly, https://www.google.com/search?q=pedal+driven+wheelchair&client=ms-android-americamovil-us&prmd=sivn&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwj1pe2yq8_fAhUyT98KHfPuAxEQ_AUoAnoECBQQAg&biw=360&bih=559#imgrc=gD8GFzjRwA9_9M has a high speed motorized chair or is on a hand driven recumbent trike; there's no way your maintaining pace with cyclist. As I've told you before I'm not against well maintained, safe to use and good infrastructure designed cycling lanes. Nor would I mind a physically challenged individual using the Cycling lane who can maintain pace. Now if the wheelchair is only capable of maintaining walking speeds they're much safer on the sidewalks.


Depends. Is there a sidewalk that you can use? A wheelchair is supposed to be on the sidewalk unless they are unable to mount the curb or there is no pedestrian path to follow. If you can not get on the walk, or there is none, no one should have any issue with you being on the road shoulder or bike lane if that is the only option. Ask your abusive bike rider if they have an issue to call a cop. That should shut them up.


Not just a troll, but a foreign troll who isn't proficient in English as a second language. Pathetic.