Anyone heard of a Royce Union Colossus, all aluminum frame heavy built. Shimano running gear? Made in China?



What about Royce Union? Yeah...I've heard the brand name & seen a few still floating around. Don't know anything specific about a "Colossus" model though. Nothing special or collectible about that brand name. You can look up other models on Bicycle Blue Book. You'll see most of then today are only worth $20 to maybe $40.


Another English-sounding brand name that has been used since the 60s or before. It was used on Japanese bikes but I'm not sure if an English bike ever carried the name. In any case, the name means nearly nothing. It's probably similar quality to other low-end Chinese bikes, but you will have to check it out in person to be sure.

Chris Ancor

No.and I don't believe it.