Is mountain biking and hiking good for losing weight?



Any exercise can be good for losing weight - IF you also incorporate a healthy DIET. No healthy diet. Possibly little to NO weight loss. Interesting article from way back - November 29, 2010. Cycling (either on or off road) will NOT be a quick fix. It took me several years to drop excess weight. How much excess weight? 315 lbs. down to 195. I couldn't have done it without cutting out all those 2nd helpings, all the junk food, and QUIT drinking soda - any kind of soda. So-called diet sodas are the worst. Yeah...I still indulge from time-to-time. But I don't pig-out like I used to. I cycle because I have degenerative disc disease in the lower back plus arthritic hips & knees. Walking more than 2 blocks or so & I get out the CANE! But I can still ride. 💪 🚴‍♂️ To be quite honest, a good brisk one hour walk will burn more calories than cycling for the same time frame. Bottom line...if I can do it, anyone can. Good luck. 👍


If you are already overweight, it is very unlikely that your fitness will be good enough so that you can exercise enough to lose weight. Bottom line: you need a 2 prong approach. You need to change your diet and reduce calories. Exercise can help to burn calories, but at least at first you will not be able to exercise enough to burn enough calories to reduce your weight


Incredibly, these are high-intensity workouts that will be very intense for a bit and then cool off. If you want the best results to go with someone else, you will push yourself much harder and you will try to keep the other person going too. If you decide to hike, bring lots of gear or weights. They make you work much harder and stress muscles more. Now they might not make you lose weight, but that's because muscle is way more dense than fat. Both are very good options for becoming more fit. make sure you also keep on a tight schedule too, go on a short high-intensity hike with lots of hills and big rocks 2-3 times a week. I haven't done much mountain biking but hiking will put you into the best shape of your life.


Exercise in general. Consistent daily workouts. Slow and easy (dont overdo it) Staying hydrated. Eating healthy Cycling is easier on joints. Almost no weight on joints, knees. Anyone can do it.


Yes if you do it regularly and don't overeat. It can be strenuous exercise