Someone spray painted my rims on my fixie. The original color is gold and now its spray painted Red. How do o get rid of the paint? Thanks.?



If the original gold is ANODIZED as opposed to paint, then you can use a paint stripper like this: to get the paint off. If the original gold ALSO is paint, it becomes more difficult. Then you'll simply have to hit it with thinners and solvents in an increasing rate of aggressiveness and hope you find one that'll attack the spray paint w/o messing up the factory paint. If the gold is power coat, you might get lucky. That's usually resistant to solvents.


Unless you take the wheels apart and clean off the paint, you will never get it all off. There will be little blotches around all the spoke holes. I suggest you look for a new set of wheels if you care about the looks.


How did that happen? Did you lend your bike out? What wheels do you have? David provides an excellent starting point. Do you know who painted your wheels? If you do, ask that person what sort of paint was used. However, the question provides little detail about how your rims were painted. With this little detail about your bike, every answer will be a guess. It will be up to you to sift through all the guesses to find the best answer


David gave you the best suggestions as what to do about the paint. What I want you to think about is: How did somebody get your bike and was able to spray paint the rims in the first place? Perhaps you should be more careful as to who you loan your bike to???


paint over it


Soak it in salty water for a couple of days