What is better a belt or chain system for a bicycle ?

and how expensive is it to replace belts and how is riding with


As smooth & quiet as a belt drive system is, they have one glaring obstacle that has yet to be overcome - at least to my knowledge. You MUST use an internal hub - such as a 3 speed to 8 speed hub. The belt simply won't work with a derailleur system that needs to move side-to-side. "Better" depends on your point of view. Plus points - smoother, quieter, longer lasting, no more oiling & cleaning a messy chain. Minus points - if one breaks, not as easily found, especially if you're miles from home. Limited to internal hub use only. Can't be separated like a chain. Quick links on chains make them a snap to change and/or service. Good read... https://www.ilovebicycling.com/the-belt-drive-bicycle-will-it-replace-the-chain/

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https://www.bikeforums.net/general-cycling-discussion/1162824-belt-vs-chain.html An interesting discussion about belt drives vs chain drive bicycles Chain and belt drive both have applications where one is better than the other. To know which is better, one would have to know all about the conditions where that bicycle would be ridden


Here's the problem with belts they can slip under heavy loads. For example a large person going up a steep hill. This is the very reason on my motorized bicycle I use a reduction box with gears in it instead of belts. Chains are often cheaper. Belts have to be put under very high tension so the belt doesn't slip. This means a chain is easier to install.