Which is better? Genesis Kent V2100 Ring 26 VS Mongoose Ledge 2.1 Ring 27.5?

Ambos son el mismo precio a $ 140 dólares pero no lo decido.


Flip a coin. Heads you lose & tails you also lose. Both are 💩 crap.


You cannot use the term "better" to describe either bike. They are both bad, it is a tossup which one is worse


I personally like the Genesis Kent V2100 Ring 26. Here are the reasons why. This bike has a front disk brake. The front triangle provides more space to mount a battery. There's also plenty of room to mount an electric motor on the bottom side of the down tube. So the Genesis will work much better with a Sick Bike Parts electric shift kit to build an electric mid drive bike. Building motorized bicycles is all a department store bicycle is good for. http://sickbikeparts.com/electric-shifter-kit-programmable-3000w/ If you aren't wanting to build an electric bicycle then go to a reputable bicycle shop. There they can fit you with the correct frame size and custom adjust it to best suit your body build