Did Tom Brady play well last night ?

Cuz i mean, i think i could have played better.


Both defenses played A+++ games. Brady did pretty good overall considering how well the Rams played lock down D. It’s Goff who looked lost Keep in mind the Patriots had 2 early possessions they could’ve scored on, but didn’t, bcuz of a missed field goal and a deflected INT


0 td, 1 int, a sack fumble--recovered by the pats, 262 yds, 71.4 qbr, but hey...a win is a win


Both defenses were tremendous in that game. I think by saying a qb on either side of the ball played poorly is taking away from how incredibly well both D's played. Having said that Brady did look jumpy at times but as he does so many times, with the money on the line, he does what he needs to do. I thought Goff looked lost at times as well but Cooks didn't help him.


He played well enough... but you can tell time is slowly catching up to him.

Joe Mac

No, he was terrible but since Goff was even worse the Patriots were able to squeak out a win.


He played like a wuss to be frank

Mike L

He played well enough to win his 6th championship. How many do you have?