Now that Patriots won 13-3, will the dynasty continue or no?

The 2019 Super Bowl is now over, and to the surprise of few, the New England Patriots walked away with the win, yet again.


Two more. Next year and three years from now. Then Bill Belichek and Tom Brady will retire and in 10 years the Patriots will be 3-13 at the end of the season.


I think they will still be good for a few years, and make the playoff, but i doubt brady gets another ring

Joe Mac

I don't care if it continues but I hope if it does continue they play much better than they did last night. That looked more like a preseason game than the biggest one of the year.

Reynaldo Weeks

I just aksed my Magic 8-Ball and it said, "Cannot predict now.”.

Prince of Pisces

It's not over, they still got some gas left, in the tank!

35th is Best

Nobody won, because all involved are losers