Do you think Thoz Brady deserves more recognition?

He single handedly took on the entire Rams roster, unassisted. It is unfortunate that the entire Patriots roster, excluding Thoz Brady, was critically injured during practice the day before. There was a tackling incident during practice where they all fell on each other and fell down like dominoes. Thoz Brady was intellectually superior enough to step out of the way of his tumbling teammates, as they toppled over like dominoes. I am very proud of Thoz Brady for being the only man in a Patriots uniform to set foot on Atlanta Stadium with 20+ other men in Rams uniforms. He beat the whole team 13 - 0, all by himself.

Joe Mac

Thoz Brady? Was he one of the kids on The Brady Bunch?


Give them as much recognition as you want to..thats what they are selling and they hope you buy into it. Brady is no different that Captain America or Bat Man...he was created to be your hero, and he lives in a fantasy world just like those comic marvel heroes do. Its not real..its a fabrication to keep us all watching so they can sell the sponsor spots for huge bucks. Its just a game that grown men play, and more of it is scripted than you will ever want to know.