How bad was Jared Goff in the Super Bowl?

I think he had a nightmare of a game. Yes, Brady wasn't too good either, but Goff was just awful, and by awful I mean the worst awful a person can be. And do you think it's was due to the Patriots defense or the pressure got the better of him?


Both! The patriots played tight good coverage, and also the patriots LB’s and D line put constant pressure on Goff the whole game

Weasel McWeasel

*choke* *choke* *choke* He's the COAT...........greatest CHOKE of all time.



Joe Mac

Goff was absolutely awful, had he been at least mediocre the Rams would have won since Brady was terrible himself.

Mike L

He's young and he was nervous. Towards the end he was just airing up prayers. The Pats D was outstanding. Removed the play action threat and really hurt the Rams who needed to build a strong run game.


The lights were too bright for the young coach and QB

M. Diego

He was terrible, the Rams could never get to the redzone and he almost cost his team the only 3 points with a sack that turned a 41-yd FG attempt into 53 yards.

Digital Princess

Rams didnt show up and basically quit.


Patriots defense was too good for the Rams. The Rams did not have a bad game. The Rams were out classes and out played. Look at the Patriots defensive stats throughout the playoffs. They're stats puts the Patriots at the #1 defense in the playoffs of ALL TIME