Why does not one seem to care that the Patriots won the Super Bowl? Is it because everyone knows they cheated?

It just seems like the whole NFL fanbase (other than Patriots fans, of course) is just kind of bored with the whole thing, myself included, and I just can't understand why. Maybe people don't feel like these are real championships since the Patriots are so well-known for cheating?


It isn't the Pats cheating as much as other teams just play horribly in big games against the Pats. Look at the f----g Falcons years back in the 28-2 Super Bowl. How do you blow that? This would have been a GREAT Super Bowl is the Saints played the Pats. Rams had no business winning the NFC Championship and it showed here.

The Oracle of Omigod

Well, LA here and it was just luck that got the Rams to the Super Bowl. Their luck finally ran out.

Digital Princess

Its not about cheating its more like, theres no team that can challenge them. Its as if they win by default.

Joe Mac

Nobody cares because the game was so boring. I don't see how they cheated considering the fact that the Rams were terrible and Goff was utterly ineffective, that's why they lost, That hyped up offense couldn't score a touchdown so they didn't deserve to win.


Please show the clear cut cheating proof and not just the "allegations". I would write to your congressman and tell them you demand your hometown team get better.