Why did the la rams not win?

Did they forget to pay off the refs like they did in the nfc championship game?


Yeah the Patriots were the only ones to remember to do that

Joe Mac

They didn't win because they sucked worse than the Patriots, they can't whine about cheating because they had every opportunity to win. Brady played his worst Super Bowl ever but Goff was just worse, it actually looked like a game between two teams who both wanted to lose and the Rams wanted it more.


Because they scored fewer points than the Patriots did.

Mike W

Neither the Rams nor the Pats could beat the other team's defense consistently. The Pats were able to put together a touchdown run late in the game against a tired Rams defense, and that turned out to be the difference. It was a great game, in my opinion, but it was a defensive battle, and they don't get the ratings.


They didn't' score 14 or more points.


Because they duck