How would you feel if you was an African American NFL player working with Trump supporter Tom Brady?



I would feel horrible if you were on the team. Cry baby.

Joe Mac

I'd feel great because I just won a Super Bowl, which is how I would feel if I were a European American NFL player working with an Obama supporter if we won the Super Bowl.


Trump has publicly stated he loves and wants to help the black community. Trmp even worked to successfully get the black community the LOWEST UNEMPLOYMENT RATE and also HIGHEST WAGES of all time!!! Trump has done a ton for prison reform also. He’s worked to get black men out of jail, back in society, reformed, working hard, making money. Trump knows that life is tough for black folks but he’s actually trying to better their community by providing tremendous job opportunities, including high paying ones that don’t require college (as it’s unfortunately true many blacks don’t like school and/or have issues with school). This way the blacks who don’t like college can still make good cash and provide for their families. Trump was one of the first nightclub owners to allow blacks and gays into his clubs, back when it was illegal to do so! So your narrative that “Trump hates/hurts blacks” is idiotic and untrue. Now, ILLEGAL HISPANICS, maybe... MUSLIMS maybe... but not blacks. Sorry!


He isn’t a supporter, he didn’t go last year to visit trump


Well, as long as he could get me a Super Bowl ring..........