Now that Brady shut down Goff for his 6th ring, is he the best athlete ever?


Reynaldo Weeks

Brady didn't shut down Goff. They were never even on the field at the same time, dumbass. In fact his 261 YD, 0 TD, 1 INT, 71.4 QBR barely did shít. You must not know too much about football.

Joe Mac

Brady and Goff shut down each other, it was Brady who intercepted Goff and Goff who intercepted Brady, it was also Goff who sacked Brady and Brady who sacked Goff. Neither team fielded a defense in that game preferring instead to use their quarterback to shut down the opposing team's QB.

Nick Jamison

Eh . . . He is the best NFL quarterback in history for sure, but best ATHLETE ever, across ALL sports? I don’t know about that one.

Weasel McWeasel

No one argues about a 6th Superbowl ring....but barely getting 13 pts. wasn't exactly the stuff of legends,. But a win is a win, is a win, as they say.


You can call him the best quarterback if you like but there are forty better athletes on his own team.


He played horrible, and no. Michael Jordan is. Jerry rice is the best nfl player ever and Manning is the best qb

Mike L

Best QB, but athlete? No way. Edelman is a better athlete. Brady's got a great IQ and accuracy, but he is a terrible runner.


Best athelete? God no. He’s the best qb ever. In the best competitor ever conversation, but best athlete? He’s not even close to anyone on his team.


Weeks must never talk to Patriots fans since Brady never really does shít yet Patriots fans think he’s the best ever.




Yes why not?


Always has been, always will be

Dances with Weed

Brady didnt shut down anything but himself tonight. Patriots defense dud that. He played very sub par.