NFL: SB53 proved LA was offensive fraud! NO team will ever be as good as Patriots, EVER! The questions below!?

America witnessed the perfect mold for an NFL Dynasty in pats. Tom wins Ring7 next. PREFACE Goff proved twofold he has a childish intellect in SB53 and he is the Ryan Leaf of the league. No game smarts. Q 1. SHOULD GOFF GET TRADED? Q 2. Should the NFL change the name of the position from Quarterback to Bradyback? Q 3. How many more Rings will Brady get: 7? 8? 9? 10? NOT a pats fan but it is obvious they are the greatest now and in the future!


The 85 bears the 90s cowboys the 80s 49ers are all better. The NFL should change Quarterback to Peytonback


Brees would have destroyed them

35th is Best

A shame nobody won the Superbowl.