13-3... Patriots won, but was it the most boring game ever?


Ms. Clones

It was not boring. Nerve-racking, YES. Boring, no. As a Pats fan I'm still find this unbelievable because two months ago they were 9-5 and we didn't know if they were even going to make the playoffs. Then the team really came together down the stretch. They shutout both the Chiefs and Rams in the first half and they were the top two offenses in the league. Incredible.


Not in the least, the chess match was masterful.


Not boring it was a very technical game patriots many tricks up there sleeve


Most boring.....possibly the worst ever. The Rams became the Lambs......where was all their creative play-calling...(?)




Yes it was.

Joe Mac

The most boring Super Bowl for sure. I was hoping it would be 6-3 to really show how boring it was.